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Downtown Raleigh Wedding | Vidrio | Kristen and Scott

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Just in case you ever foolishly forget; I’m never not thinking of you.
— Virginia Woolf
Vidrio Raleigh rooftop wedding

You could almost hear his tears hit the ground in the silent groom’s suite of Vidrio as Scott read his letter from his bride. I was a big ball of emotion as I wanted to get close to capture those precious moments, but also didn’t want to intrude on such a vulnerable moment. It’s like you could see his heart grow bigger as he fell deeper in love reading her words just before he walked into the ceremony.

Similarly, as Kristen opened Scott’s letter surrounded by her girls, her eyes filled with tears. As did everyone else’s in the room as we watched her experience his love through his words. I’m still not sure how she saved her make up, but it was clear from that moment on, all the nerves were gone and she was ready to walk down that aisle.

Vidrio Raleigh Wedding
Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Bridal Suite
Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Groom Suite

My relationship with these two started a couple years ago when Kristen asked me to do some headshots for her. Her new, adorable boyfriend at the time came along for moral support and we all just followed each other on insta after that. When I saw them post about their engagement, I was so excited, and sure enough, just a couple days later Scott messaged me!

Seeing how they interacted together a couple years after that very first shoot was endearing. The sweet little looks they gave each other when we were walking between shooting spots, the way he helped her whenever she had to walk in heels through a rough patch of grass, and they way her whispers made him grin so big.

This was, of course, amplified tenfold on the big day. Between their letters to each other, their whispered secrets during their first dance, their heartfelt vows and excitement as they ran into their new life together, you couldn’t find a better match for either of them in the whole of the world.

Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Bridal Suite

She carried a Six Pence coin in her 'something blue' shoes that his mother gave her, and he chose to wear, "I Do" cuff links along with his other classy details.

Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Groom's Suite
Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Ceremony
Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Ceremony
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Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Couple Photos
Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Couple Photos
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Vidrio Raleigh Wedding Reception

Kristen and Scott you are perfect for each other in every way and I cannot thank you enough for letting me be a part of your big day!

The Vendors who made the day possible:

Photographer: Cynthia Viola

Venue and Catering: Vidrio

Dress: David’s Bridal

Suit: Indochino

Hair Stylist: Lillian Self

Make Up Artist: Krista Massey

Florist: Leigh Garmhausen

Officiant: Leah Reed

DJ: DJ Sandman -Sandy Sutton

Cake Baker: Lynn Loomis

Invitations: Zola