Cynthia Viola Photography

See us in action on one of our photo sessions and weddings here! Shot & Edited by Damien Maass 

For starters, we are a husband and wife photography team. A.J. and I have been inseparable for 13 years; I couldn't live this dream without him, and wouldn't want to.

We are based out of St. Augustine, FL but travel to NC nearly once per month and are willing to travel worldwide as needed.  

We'll both be there to capture your big day but I shoot portrait sessions solo and am the email writer, blogger and editor.

AJ and Cynthia Viola

Our great love is story and the people in them, so we would love to hear yours and begin capturing a few of those moments that make your story great. 

Fun facts:

  • Stand up comedy is on A.J.s bucket list. (He seriously makes me laugh every single day) 
  • Cynthia has three brothers. A seemingly normal fact, but she would LOVE to tell you the story behind it. 
  • We are both health nuts but also smoke cigars with bourbon from time to time. 
  • We have the sweetest Blue Pit you've ever met. Letty Girl loves coconut oil, chasing squirrels and being wrapped up in blankets fresh out of the dryer.
  • Nothing fancy here. We'll take jeans and a tee shirt any day of the week. We love having freedom to play (like that time we biked 220miles to the NC coast and back to Raleigh for our 10yr anniversary adventure)! 
  • Feel free to read more HERE
Letty Viola

The world doesn’t need more photographers, it needs more people who pay attention.
— Jeff Goodman