Cynthia Viola Photography

Frequently Asked Questions - Photography

How would define your photographic style?

Definitely Photojournalistic. We desire to tell your story through our art. We know how busy you are on your big day and how easy it is for you to forget all the tiny details that were so important to you during the planning, so we want to be able to capture every moment so you will be able to treasure them for a lifetime. We try to blend in with guests to minimize intrusion. We have found that most couples want their wedding photographers there during the important moments but to blend into the background during most of the day. We’ve found that this approach has allowed us to capture spontaneous moments of action and emotion. 

We shoot everything (weddings and portraits) on location and will arrive prepared to adapt to whatever setting is available. We choose not to do a ton of posing for weddings or portraits because we prefer to see how you interact with each other in your environment and capture you as you are. However, we will be happy to offer a little guidance if it is needed.

Do you Travel?

AJ and I are currently living in St. Augustine, FL so I have a base here but we're originally from NC, so a large clientele base is also from there. However, we have captured weddings in locations out of state and for destination weddings as well. We're happy to go wherever you need us to. We travel a lot so there would be no travel fee if we're already in your area on other business. Just shoot me an email to let me know your interest. (

Can we print the photos ourselves?

Yes, while we do offer high quality print services through your online gallery for your convenience, we will also provide you with a print release that will allow you to create prints at any lab of your choice.

What do you wear at weddings?

We will always arrive well dressed and groomed with black/white/grey pants, and a black/white/grey dress shirt. Our goal is to always look our best without drawing attention to ourselves. However, if there is anything specific you would like us to wear, all you need do is ask.  

How do we secure you as our wedding photographer?

In most cases we collect a 35% retainer and a signed online contract. Once this is received, no one else can book us for that day. The remainder is due by the wedding day. A request can be made for payments to be made in any amount that suits your needs, however.

How many photos do you take? How many do we get?

Weddings: That depends on the length of your wedding, whether or not bridal portraits, engagements or a Trash the Dress session is involved, the number of venues & the general flow of the day. We shoot anywhere between 1500 and 2500 frames, then edit down photos (where people blink, or where someone stepped into frame etc.) to a more reasonable number (approximately 750-1000). We process these as required. Our goal is to always capture every planned and unplanned moment. 
Portraits: For the unlimited session the same process above applies but it's usually anywhere from 75-100 photos. 

Can I request specific photographs at my wedding or portrait session?

Weddings: If you can give me a list of specific shots you would like or specific people to be photographed, we will do our best to ensure coverage of those details. Many couples appoint someone that is familiar with both sides of the family to help us identify everyone. During the day, you can even let your guests know that they can "grab a photographer" to get specific photos.
Portraits: On a portrait session feel free to let me know in advance, bring a list or your Pinterest board, or just throw out ideas along the way. 

When do photographers usually find time to eat at a wedding? Do we need to provide a meal? 

We’ve found that most guests prefer to dine without cameras around so we usually take this opportunity to grab a bite. In a buffet style dinner we will just prepare a plate along with the guests. In a formal sit down dinner we do not expect the same food as guests but it’s always appreciated if that is your choice. A simple boxed meal (one per photographer) will suffice in many cases. One that is usually forgotten though, is lunch. Since we arrive when the couple begin getting ready (usually between 8-12am) and do not take a break, it is appreciated to have a lunch provided as well. 

What should we wear at our portrait session? 

I send a style guide for all portrait and engagement sessions to help assist with this. 

Do I need to have my own props for my session?

Yes. I am happy to work with anything that you have, but I do not have props myself. 

I don't see any images of newborns on your site, why is that?

Since my style is more photojournalistic, it is out of character for me to work with a ton of props and posing that are typically required of children under one. For that reason I am no longer offering posed sessions for that age. I will still happily do in-the-moment hospital sessions. Feel free to ask to see a gallery sample.