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10 Reasons Why a Second Shooter is Priceless

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I’m so happy I could bounce!
— Tigger

You guys! A.J. is going to start shooting weddings with me again!! 

It's been a long journey figuring out what each of us want to do with our lives, our careers, and our hobbies. Our marriage began down a very different path...think large churches, rambunctious youth groups, tag team preaching and seminary. 

When photography first began as a fun hobby for us, we did it together. It didn't even occur to us to do it any other way, as we had always done every job up to that point together. As the path pulled A.J. toward the coffee world though, it pulled me deeper into art and photography. Helping each other was not feasible at the time because it was spreading us both too thin and hurting our marriage so we made the tough call that for the first time in 13 years we'd have different careers. That. That was difficult. Transitioning from seeing your love 24 hours a day to only a few exhausted hours in the evening took it's toll. 

Fortunately it was only for a season. I am happy to announce that all 2017 weddings will also include A.J.! *happy dance* (If any currently booked couples want to add him to their package just shoot me a message) :)

Let's use a few examples from Laura and Danny's Angus Barn Wedding a couple years ago to illustrate 10 reasons why a second shooter is priceless: 

1. While I am capable of capturing the vast majority of the people and details at a wedding when I shoot solo; things are missed. I always work my butt off and capture as much as humanly possible, but I am only one person and can only be in one room at a time capturing one angle at a time. 

2. When you choose to have a second shooter it allows them to capture the close up while I get the wide shot, or vice versa. 

3. With three locations to shoot, I didn't have to worry about what Danny was doing half way across the city, AJ took care of the guys while I took care of the ladies. 

4. A second shooter is able to get the expression on the groom's face while I capture the bride tearing up on her father's arm. 

5. When I'm directing the bridal party into their next pose he's able to notice that the bride's veil has gotten caught in her hair and can help her adjust it.

6. He gets the natural light while I get the silhouette or vice versa.

7. He can get the cute flower girl tickling the groom while I'm focused on the bride and her girls. Or the party from the inside while I'm outside.

 8. If one of the off camera flash batteries dies during the first dance, he can change them while I continue shooting and precious moments are not missed.

9. One of us can get the coming and other other going of the sparkler run! Since you can't easily repeat this moment, it's especially helpful to have two angles. 

10. Also...have you met this guy?? He is a total crack up. While I'm joyful and fun, if I try to crack a joke, the bridal party usually just looks confused. AJ can simply open his mouth and these witty and hilarious things just come out without ANY effort! I mean he can get the groomsmen rolling faster than the alcohol. That is priceless if you ask me. 

Finally, it's just better for my sanity. While I thrive under pressure making me perfect for weddings, it's just nice to know that your love has got your back. That after 13 years together I can give him a certain look and he knows that I mean to look over his left shoulder and grab the cute ring bearer trying to catch a frog. I think you'll agree...we make a good team. :)