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The West Family Expecting! Pullen Park

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We do not remember days, we remember moments
— Cesare Pavese

I have never had so much fun learning the gender of a new baby! Oh my goodness this joyful bunch could not be more surprised to find out that they're about to have a new little lady to brighten their lives even further. 

When Ivy said she wanted to reveal with a big box of balloons I was so happy! I love love love how children interact with balloons so I just knew Porter and Mary Elizabeth would be delighted. 

Mary Elizabeth was convinced they were going to be blue which made the rest of us think they would be too so we were all a little surprised at first then super excited! I can't wait to meet her you guys! You all have such great personalities, I know she'll fit right in and be so so loved and protected.   

Gender reveal pullen park