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A Wedding Proposal at Pullen Park!

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When you meet the one who changes the way your heart beats, dance with them to that rhythm for as long as the song lasts
— Kirk Dietrich
Wedding Proposal at Pullen Park

Ok. So. You know I love weddings. You know I love engagement sessions. But oh my goodness! I LOOVVVVEEE secret proposals where I get to plan and scheme with several people in on the secret and then hide in the bushes while it all plays out perfectly!!

When Matthew called me to see if this was something I'd be interested in I jumped at the thought, rearranging other things I'd had planned for the day and calling Damien to make sure he could video.  Matthew had arranged for his friend Trey to fly in from Atlanta to play the saxophone in the middle of Pullen Park while they were walking around and as they got closer to him he would switch songs to "You Are So Beautiful" and Matthew would pop the question. Damien and I would of course be capturing every moment from the bushes. 

Hollie was ecstatic! They were just supposed to be up here on a Valentine's getaway weekend and she had NO idea. It was amazing. As Damien, Trey and I ran around the area trying to get everything set up several people started asking what was going on and when I told them, THEY got excited and by the time Matthew and Hollie came around the corner there was a whole crowd of people waiting in anticipation for the moment and when she said, "Yes!" everyone erupted in applause! AMAZING!

Ok, without further ado, here's a few of my favorites from the big moment! 

Hollie's family was hiding in the bushes as well and came running to congratulate them. She was SO sweet with her dad, I almost couldn't see to shoot through the tears! I know I'm going to just be a hot mess during the father daughter dance at their wedding!

Wedding Proposal Pullen Park
Wedding Proposal at Pullen Park

They both have purity rings and hers fits so perfectly with the new engagement ring. So sweet. I'm so glad we had some blooming trees to work with, the day was perfect in every way.

Wedding Proposal at Pullen Park
Wedding Proposal at Pullen Park
Wedding Proposal at Pullen Park