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If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.
— Yogi Berra

My detox tea told me this morning that I am "unlimited."

My first thought was "psssht."

Rolling at max capacity for the past few weeks and traveling every other weekend has taken it's toll. I'm sitting here recovering from a cold right now actually; my body having begged me to stop for days. 

However, as the tea steeped and I stopped long enough to smell the dandelion root, I read the phrase again, "You are unlimited." 

Certainly my body is limited by how much it can lift, but with hard work I can become stronger. The mind only knows so much, but with study can know more. A skill, in say photography is only as great as the amount of time put in behind the lens, more hours equal greater skill. 

Time then is the greatest limiting factor.

A.J.'s beloved 93 year old grandmother passed this weekend leaving behind a huge family overflowing with love for her and each other. The love was so palpable you could argue it was quite unlimited. Aunts doing dishes and offering hugs as needed, uncles washing cars and running errands, funeral clothes being lended for out of town cousins, and food prepared by family friends. Christmas lights were hung, memories were shared, tears shed and love expanded and filled every broken heart. 

Unlimited love spanning across a very limited expanse of time.

It's heartbreaking that it often takes death to remind us to live fully, but may we not wait for the next loved one to pass before we begin living into the unlimited love available to us.

Let's strive for that in this next season of chaos and travel. Let's try to find at the end of our days, like Meema, that we've left a wake of unlimited love in the lives of everyone we touched. Whether that time be 93 years or 33.