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Snipes Farm Retreat Family Portraits | Tiffany, Carlie and Remi

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— Robert M. Drake
LGBTQ wedding

When Carlie and Tiff said they wanted to celebrate their five year wedding anniversary going back to their wedding venue, getting back in their wedding clothes and having a photo session I was more than excited... like, overjoyed! I love these two anyway and their little Remi, and thinking of them reliving such a special moment with her brought all the feels. 

They found the tree where they said their vows and just spent a few minutes there sharing the memory then we showed Remi around the farm and danced in the tall grass. It was so beautiful. Remi couldn't stop talking about how excited she was to put on her mommy's wedding gown but when it came time to actually do so, she was less than thrilled, lol. Gotta love kiddos. 

We had to reschedule the photos three times due to bad weather, and almost had to again, but the clouds let up just long enough for us to dance around the farm a bit finally capture the moment. We had so much fun. 

LGBTQ Family Portraits
LGBTQ Family Portraits
LGBTQ Wedding
LGBTQ Family Portraits
LGBTQ Family Portraits

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