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Jetton Park Engagement Session | Sarah and Davis

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Be foolishly in love, because love is all there is.
— Rumi
Engagement photos at Jetton Park

When Sarah told me she smiles like Chandler on Friends, I couldn’t help but laugh. This beauty couldn’t be awkward if she tried. With a big bright smile all morning she kept looking to Davis as if to ask if she was doing it right, and all he could do was give an even bigger smile in return.

These two met at UNC Charlotte and dated for a couple years before Davis surprised her with a proposal at one of her bucket list spots! Shenandoah National Park! How amazing is that?!? (If national parks are on your bucket list, we’re a perfect match by the way)

Engagement photos at Jetton Park
Engagement photos at Jetton Park

We had to reschedule a few times because the weather kept being uncooperative but it was totally worth it as yesterday morning was incredible! They rolled up bright and early and even brought me breakfast since we were getting such an early start, such a thoughtful couple!

As they were talking about their future plans I couldn’t help but smile since they’re similar to mine. Lots of dogs were involved and possibly a cat, they might have envisioned a farm, but no matter what was discussed, they were together. As they should be, a perfect match if I ever saw one.

Engagement photos at Jetton Park

You guys thank you so much for including me on this journey of yours! I cannot wait til the big day next April!!