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Iron Tribe - Cary, NC

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If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves
— Thomas A. Edison

I took a risk on this session. 

This is definitely not my usual style of shooting. I tend to shoot wide open letting in all the bright and (available) light, utilizing sun flares and glow pouring through beautiful trees in the brisk morning air. 

I didn't have that today. Today I got up well before the sun did (4am to be precise) to spend time with some of my favorite people. We all have different goals and fitness backgrounds but we show up every week not just to build ourselves stronger, but to be there for each other. The motivation to show up is always there when you know your friends will be showing up along side you. 

It does't hurt that Ingrid and Micah happen to also be the best coaches ever. Seriously, they are excellent at spotting poor form and helping to correct it, they give encouragement when it's needed (and when it's not), they have a heart for the community and doing what it takes to support their Tribe. They make you want to show up and do so with a smile. :)

These people right here are #whyitribe. Grateful.