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Hamptyn at The Lavender Garden

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Lavender Garden Photo Shoot

Oh my goodness you guys! I have been trying to book a session at the Lavender Garden for two years now but my schedule never seems to align with their super short one week window of bloom before the harvest, but guess what!?!? The stars aligned on my birthday week! So exciting! I feel like Ms. Rita and I became besties over the past two years every time I called to see if our schedules would align. She is sweet as pie and so welcoming into her beautiful field. 

Little Hamptyn is of course one of my most favorite models, she has the best smile and is SO sweet. I knew she'd be a perfect fit in this gorgeous field. (Her momma couldn't be more beautiful either!)

The reason the blooming week is so short for this particular Lavender Garden is because they harvest early, before they are fully bloomed, in order to extract the most oils from the flowers. Their products are focused on oils, sprays, lotions and candles rather than bouquets. 

Lavender has always been my favorite fragrance so I was in heaven as little Hamptyn danced around the garden. Grateful for today. Here are a few images!