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Double Date Session at Daniel Boone Gardens

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This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
— Thoreau

Chelsea is a woman after my own heart. (Well, she is my baby cousin, so I suppose that's true in more ways than one) :) Like me, she just loves photography so much and it's ability to freeze a moment in time. When she said she had an unconventional idea for a shoot I was immediately in. She wanted some photos of herself and her new husband, Toryn, his sister Kahryn and her boyfriend Brandon. 

Why not? Right?! Since I don't already have a category for this one, I'm going to call it a double date session. It's is now officially a thing. You're welcome. If you'd like to schedule one for yourself you can do that here ;)

We had to rush into it due to the threat of flash floods, but I had an umbrella for my camera and they were willing to play in the rain so we made it happen. It's always more fun when my subjects are just as adventurous as I am. 

Love you guys! Miss you already!