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Bubbles Open a World of Possibility

Family PortraitsCynthia ViolaComment
Too much of a good thing can be wonderful
— Mae West

Can I just say how much I love bubbles? On a photo adventure with a child, I can safely say, bubbles make the session better every time. 

There's just something about the dream-like state it puts a child in that opens them up to the possibilities in the space we're in, opens them to laughter, opens their eyes bright toward the sky. If you're ever wondering if you should grab a bottle for your session, you should. :)

Leaves. Leaves are also acceptable flying dream makers. 

And balloons. :)

If only we could easily retain that ability to be moved by dreams as we grow. May your day be filled with beauty and your future with bright dreams. Maybe pop open a bottle of bubbles (or bubbly if you prefer) and see if it helps you see the world a little differently today. :)