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Brittany and Chonly at the NC Museum of Art

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Love isn’t losing yourself. Love is finding who you are in the arms of another person
— Marisa Donnelly
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I have been blessed to work with so many of Brittany and Chonly's friends over the past couple years but I've not had the chance to work with them! They are quite the couple! They actually only met last year but have been head over heels for each other ever since and you can totally feel their excitement too. We had so much fun exploring the back side of the NC Museum of Art in the gorgeous, glowy sunset light. We *might* have been in a few places we weren't supposed to be, but it was totally worth it. :)

I found out early on that Chonly is studying psychology which, by the way, is my FAVORITE topic, I immediately went on a tangent about Myers Briggs and found out she and I are complete opposites, but that's actually really fun because two of my best friends are my opposite, which means we'll be bffs before you know it. Britt is working toward the healthcare field, focused on pediatrics and I know they'll both make such an impact on the world as they move toward their goals together. 

The NC Museum of Art is always one of my favorite places to shoot, and with last night's glow it was even more favorite :) I hope you enjoy these images from our adventure!

lesbian engagement photos
lesbian engagement photos