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Anna and Kevin - Home Session

Family PortraitsCynthia ViolaComment
Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole
— Roger Caras

I first met these two cuties on a photo session with Anna's immediate family (and again with her extended family) and I knew I loved them right away. Anna is just the brightest and most cheerful person you'll ever meet; it's no wonder she is a nurse. Kevin is a bit more reserved perhaps but no less cheerful, welcoming and kind. It was so fun watching him interact with their cute Maltese pups!

Then you have Teddy and Vince. Oh my goodness. They have trained these two snuggle bears to dance on their back legs...I can't even. Precious. One of my favorite moments was when Kevin stood at one end of the hallway and Anna at the other and they would call Teddy and Vince and they would run at full speed down the hallway to get to their parents. SO Cute! 

I just love spending time with people in their homes where they're the most comfortable. I may not get to choose perfect lighting or backdrops, but I always get genuine smiles. And these two have such a great love for their fur babies that it was a joy to capture. Here's a few favorites from the day: