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Alana Rolesville High School class of 2017

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I usually know a little something about my models before I walk into a session because they find me through Facebook and I can view their pages. Sometimes they were recommended by a friend and the friend tells me a little something, but today felt a little like a blind date. 

Walking into a venue I'd never shot before, I of course arrived early to make a plan and was blown away by the beautiful colors the Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden had to offer this time of year. I wrongly assumed the flowers would be gone but they were gorgeous and the trees were breathtaking. It made the perfect backdrop for this beauty. 

Alana is an athlete at Rolesville High, playing softball, basketball and volleyball with a focus in softball and loves the community and friendships that have formed from it. She's planning a few trips with all her friends before she begins college in the fall. Alana tried to tell me she'd never modeled before, but she was such a natural, I hardly believer her ;)

Her whole family actually came with her for the session which made my day because I got to sneak a few photos of all of them and got to see them interact together. I love a family that's comfortable experiencing all the big life events as well as the little ones side by side. You can tell they have a great relationship. I hope you enjoy viewing a few of these favorites from the day!

Rolesville High Senior Portraits
Raleigh Little Theatre Rose Garden