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Welcome to the World Luca!

Family PortraitsCynthia ViolaComment
Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart
— Winne the Pooh

When you photograph the special moments of a family through the years they truly become like part of your own family. Knowing Chuck and Brook through their dating phase, engagement and "honeymoon season" has been truly a privilege. They have two of the most charismatic and life-giving personalities of anyone out there. They love every single person they meet and immediately want to do whatever they can to serve, love and guide them in living fully. 

Watching little Lyla grow from the womb to the bright and bold little star that she is has been nothing but joyful. She loves to laugh and dance and gives hugs freely, I absolutely adore her. 

And sure enough as I documented some of little Luca's first week I fell in love with the Belden's all over again. In his own way he is sure to be just as bright a star as little Lyla. 

Brook and Chuck, thank for trusting me with your memories. Love all 5 of you :)