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Baby Viola!

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Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder
— E.B. White
Newborn Photography St Augustine FL

It is with all the joy I have that I'm able to share this story and these precious moments with the world! The first Viola grandbaby (and our first nephew) was born this week and we are all simply over the moon in love with him!

After a mournful but beautiful trip to Florida last week for the funeral of A.J.'s beloved grandmother (and another devastated trip just 3 weeks prior due to the destruction of Hurricane Matthew on the Viola Family Restaurant) we were more than a little surprised to get the call late Sunday night that Amber's water broke two weeks early and even more surprised to find that little Anthony graced the world with his presence just a few short hours later. We rushed down and haven't been able to keep ourselves away from him since. 

We might be a little biased, but we all think he is perfect in every way, his tiny little button nose down to his adorable baby toes. He rarely cries and that's only if he's unswaddled, he even sleeps right through all the boisterous Viola jokes and gradual volume increases as everyone talks over each other in classic Italian style. 

Amber and Tony have been so great with him of course, allowing instinct to guide them in knowing how to hold him and change his clothes, what each little sound means and the perfect amount of sway needed to rock him back to sleep.

Mr. and Mrs. V (now affectionately Grandma and Grandpa V) are simply awestruck. They argue over who gets to hold him next and for how long and they just stare at his little face without blinking, unable to get over the grandness of it all. All of us plan to thoroughly spoil him and I can't wait til he's old enough to adventure with me through the woods to find buried treasures or perhaps know...just when he's ready ;) 

We're all so proud of you Tony and Amber! We'll be here right beside you the whole way if you need anything and you'll never have need of babysitters, I'm sure of it! Love you!

Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos
Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos

The Viola Boys. Does it get any cuter than this??

Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos
Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos
Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos
Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos
Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos
Flagler Hospital Newborn Photos

Baby Hazel Grace, Rex Hospital

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Our legacy is our love
— Bob Goff

Oh my goodness you guys! I got to meet sweet little Hazel Grace at Rex Hospital today, she is just over 24 hours old and she already has a little personality! Her momma said she's already very direct with what she loves and what she hates and isn't afraid to let you know one way or other. My kinda girl for sure!

She definitely already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger...look at that love. I asked them what they're most excited for and they said they're still just trying to take it all in. Every moment is new and perfect. Love that. 

Eric bought her a ring with her sapphire birth stone which is just perfect. She already loves it you can tell. :)

Amber you are, of course, beaming and beautiful. I'm just so happy for you both! I know you're going to be so great at this!