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Treaty Park

Richardson Family at Treaty Park, St. Augustine

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Family Portraits Treaty Park

When A.J. and I met these guys at our gym, we became friends right away. Little Milo and Maya love to play on all the equipment while Elizabeth and/or Jason are cooling down and it's so fun to observe how they teach them a love of fitness. From gymnastics flips to pull ups, they're naturals.

Max, too, works out with us and Micaela I actually just met this morning but she's a rockstar at Jiu Jitsu, so I believe she also has a love of fitness. :) She's moving to California with the Navy soon and was only home for a brief moment after graduating and Elizabeth wanted to make sure we were able to capture them all together finally. This is actually the very first photo of them all together, which makes me so happy that I could participate.

Happy Mother AND Father's Day you guys! 

Family Portraits Treaty Park
Family Portraits Treaty Park

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