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Paddle Boarding

Juan Carlos of The Modern Portrait Studio

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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known
— Carl Sagan

I must say, the ultimate complement is when another photographer asks you to take their portraits.

Wake Forest Portrait Photographer

I met Juan Carlos a couple months ago and we became instant friends. He is just one of the greatest guys you'll ever meet. He's overwhelmingly generous in his affirmations of other people, he has a bright outlook on life and an infectious smile. He was born to adventure and dream and take his family on wild expeditions like deep sea diving and swimming with dolphins. When he said he wanted to include paddle boarding as part of the session I knew it would be a perfect fit for his personality. 

He started The Modern Portrait Studio when film was still the primary means of professional photography, and honestly, I cannot even imagine. Not only was he great at film but he quickly adjusted when digital became primary and he had to also learn the computer and photoshop etc. He's quick at adapting to anything new and will forever be great in his field. So glad we were able to connect. Here's a few of my favorites from the day. 

Wake Forest Portrait Photographer
Wake Forest Reservior Photo