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Hospital Session

Wake Med Hospital Session with Kathryn and Thomas

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Tears of joy are like the summer rain drops pierced by sunbeams
— Hosea Ballou
Wake Med Hospital Newborn Photos

I *might* have been a little teary eyed this morning as I watched Kathryn, Thomas and little Sloane welcome baby Emerson into the world. I feel like we've been through so much together over the past six years since their engagement and Kathryn truly feels like a sister to me. 

Sloane was over the moon. She might have been excited about all the attention in general...and the popcorn bribes... but I know she's going to make the best big sister. My favorite part was when they set her on the bed by herself with little Emi and said, 'ok, you're in charge, you gotta take care of your sister now,' and her first instinct was to lean over and kiss her head! The SWEETEST! 

Kathryn was as grace-filled as ever. Never without a huge smile on her face and simply in awe at the beauty of it all. Thomas was of course beaming and falling so naturally into place, protectively around her. The rest of the family participated as well and made the morning so memorable. 

I'm so happy for you guys!! Thank you for letting me participate in such a special moment! 

Wake Med Hospital Newborn Photos
Wake Med Hospital Newborn Photos
Wake Med Hospital Newborn Photos
Wake Med Hospital Newborn Photos

Baby Hazel Grace, Rex Hospital

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Our legacy is our love
— Bob Goff

Oh my goodness you guys! I got to meet sweet little Hazel Grace at Rex Hospital today, she is just over 24 hours old and she already has a little personality! Her momma said she's already very direct with what she loves and what she hates and isn't afraid to let you know one way or other. My kinda girl for sure!

She definitely already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger...look at that love. I asked them what they're most excited for and they said they're still just trying to take it all in. Every moment is new and perfect. Love that. 

Eric bought her a ring with her sapphire birth stone which is just perfect. She already loves it you can tell. :)

Amber you are, of course, beaming and beautiful. I'm just so happy for you both! I know you're going to be so great at this!