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Fred Fletcher Park

The Fleming Family at Fred Fletcher Park

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When love is a habit, joy is a reflex.
— Bob Goff
Family Portraits at Fred Fletcher Park

A.J. and I met Gorden at our gym a couple months ago and instantly knew we liked him. You know, some people you just like right away and you can't explain it. When he asked me to take family portraits for them, I couldn't wait to meet the rest of his family and they did not disappoint!

Kelly was quick to welcome me with a big hug right away and by the end of the shoot inviting us over for dinner. They both have such big hearts and you feel loved immediately in their presence. 

That is not unnoticed by their 4 amazing kiddos. Ware and Caroline Gray were both quick to help their younger siblings get into place and make sure they adjusted Hunt's hair and Bess' cute dress. They helped them when they wanted to climb the stairs... and the tree...and the wall...and the porch... you get the idea, love came effortlessly. 

Hunt and Bess are little fireballs of energy, never without a huge smile on their face, and always ready for the next adventure...very much my kind of (little) people. 

I had so much fun exploring Fletcher Park with you guys! I hope you enjoy looking back through some of my favorites from the day! 

Family Portraits at Fred Fletcher Park
Family Portraits at Fred Fletcher Park
Family Portraits at Fred Fletcher Park