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The Jaworski Family on Beech Mountain

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Beech Mountain Family Photos

So, I must say, hangin at the cabin with the Jaworski's was incredibly fun. From the moment I walked in it was hugs all around as if I'd known them forever. (Technically Stephanie and I went to undergrad together *gulp* TEN years ago, but I hadn't met the rest of the fam yet). I immediately felt at home though, Matt was offering me coffee from the get go and when I told him I didn't actually like coffee he went out of his way to find and make some hot chocolate and brought it out to me while I was adventuring around with Steve and Ashley's family.

THEN there was this location! I know I was 'born and raised' as they say in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but this view never gets old. There were so many great spots around the cabin and when we found a hidden teepee in the middle of the woods I knew a serious adventure was about to begin.

I loved every one of these kiddos right away. Each set of siblings and the cousins had great relationships, happy to snuggle and inviting each other to participate in the adventuring. Tyler was so sweet as he consistently followed instructions and helped each of his siblings over the rocks. I'm also pretty sure Jensen and Luke must be related to me somehow. Never without a stick or paper airplane at the ready, they were the first to jump into each next adventure, unafraid to scale the rocks and walk right into the teepee even though we said it might have bears in it. Then Jensen gave me a hug before I left and I melted. I'll telling ya, the more little people give me hugs on photo shoots, the more they grow on me.  

You guys thank you so much for letting me participate in your holiday adventure! I hope you enjoy some of these favorites from the day! 

Beech Mountain Family Photos
Beech Mountain Family Photos
Beech Mountain Family Photos

Fall Sessions

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I don’t typically blog my smaller sessions because I can get the images delivered to my families faster without it, but when you have several in the same weekend it seems reasonable to me to just have a Mini-Party and blog them together! That said, here are some of my favorites:

From Saturday afternoon’s session at Historic Yate’s Mill: The Brown Family

Family Photos at Yates Mill Park

From Sunday morning’s session at Lake Crabtree: The Polin/Hescock Family

Family Photos at Lake Crabtree

And from Sunday afternoon’s session at Pullen Park: The Hutchinsom Family

Family Photos at Pullen Park