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60th bday

Rita's 60th Bday Bash in Saint Augustine

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— Howard Thurman
60th birthday portraits

When Emily messaged us all saying she wanted to organize a giant family get-together for her mom's upcoming 60th day, everyone was on board immediately. We helped pick the best Saint Augustine restaurants and bars, a tee shirt design started happening, flights were scheduled and plans were made. Everyone loves Rita and the whole Havron family loves any excuse to get together. 

With six siblings all over the country and countless kids and grandkids it was a big endeavor but we are all here now and so excited to kick the weekend off with a bang. The first official event happened last night at their beach house with a photo shoot and slideshow of old photos. Everyone had so much fun remembering good times and creating new ones. Tonight and tomorrow night we'll be out on the town and Sunday in a boat, I'm so blessed to be a part of such a fun loving family! We're so happy for you Rita! You're so vibrant and full of life, hope you get to dance the night away!

60th birthday family portraits
60th birthday family portraits
60th birthday family portraits
60th birthday family portraits

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