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2 yr old

Carter Turns Two! Seagroves Farm Park

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Seagroves Farm Park Family Session

I don't typically write blogs for mini sessions because I can deliver the images faster without it, but I just couldn't resist, they're just so stinkin cute! Look at little Carter's shoes! 

Carter is a lover of turtles, the kind you can feed at the pond as well as Squirt from Finding Nemo...he might have been the most adorable Squirt on the planet for halloween...just sayin. He is also a lover of people and all animals. He didn't know a single stranger at the park, said hello to every person tried to hug every pup. I might have also melted when I went to give him a high five as we were leaving and he hugged me and gave me a big sloppy kiss on the cheek! The. Best. <3

Hope you guys enjoy a few of these favorites! 

Seagroves Farm Park Family Session