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North Carolina Family Sessions

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Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of Love
— Mother Teresa

As most of you know, I was in North Carolina last week for Becca and Clay's wedding, and while there, I had the opportunity to photograph several families in different settings, celebrating different phases of life. Since I don't typically do blog posts for my smaller sessions and a few of the sessions were actually impromptu, I figured it'd be more fun to post them all together. So here we are :)

Mommy and me session

This first session in Banner Elk was actually impromptu. I had just had lunch with Ashley and her two cuties before the wedding rehearsal and we were out in the parking lot of the restaurant watching Kale and Eli expend extra energy when I grabbed my camera out of the trunk and chased them around for a bit. They came about six inches from a snake before mommy rescued them, but we had a great time :)

Mommy and me session

Next, little Eden was kind enough to let me borrow her bedroom while I toured Raleigh, Charlotte, Chapel Hill and Lilington. Every year Jess has her hold signs to send to her grandparents and such so we went ahead and accomplished that for her third year and got a little extra personality out of it ;) I love getting to watch her grow up, she's quite the adventurer, like her momma, and loves to throw in some sass upon occasion. 

3 year old photography
3 year old photo shoot

We got the added bonus of these beautiful clouds captured when she decided she wanted to learn how to shoot. She loved the clouds so I got to teach her how to aim and look through the view finder and choose what she wants to capture. So much fun!

Newborn lifestyle shoot

Next I got to meet little Isla as Ashley and John welcomed her to her new home in Raleigh. Ashley and I actually went to high school together, so it was super fun getting a chance to catch up after all these years. (Seriously cannot believe it's been 16 years!!! How does that even happen?!?) But she had the sweetest little room filled with adventure and mountains. I know she's going to have the best time playing as she grows. 

Newborn lifestyle shoot
One year old photos in rose garden

At the Raleigh Rose Garden I watched the sun rise with Matt, Brittney and little Adeline, celebrating her first birthday wearing a handmade dress from Chickadee Chickadee. She wasn't overly enthused about the roses (though she looked beautiful sitting among them), but she was all about watching videos of herself laughing. I love it, people with the best personalities are able to not take themselves too seriously and just have a good laugh at themselves, can't wait to watch her grow :)

One year old in rose garden
one year anniversary with dog

Amy and Jay decided to bring their new pup, Finn as we explored the backside of The NC Art Museum campus. I've been all over that campus to shoot, and we still managed to find a new area, so I was super excited about that. The weather turned out perfect even though it threatened to rain every day leading up to it. Their wedding day actually included a torrential downpour that flooded their reception venue, but they just went with the flow, like they do. My favorite kind of people. 

One year anniversary with dog
newborn session at snipes farm retreat

I have had the pleasure of capturing this sweet family from their very first engagement session until now. Little Laurel was so excited to welcome her new little brother Isaac into the world, and I can't think of a better spot than in a beautiful field not too far from the field where we captured their engagement photos. 

newborn session at snipes farm retreat

I am continuously grateful that life has afforded me the opportunity to spend such special moments with so many families. Traveling back and forth from Florida is hardly a burden when I'm always greeted with a smile and a bear hug. Thanks guys!!