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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful
— Mae West
Mother with 3 month old

I cannot help but be excited every time my client's families grow. Watching two people commit their lives to each other at the altar, seeing their choice in new little puppies and kitties, homes and adventures and, if they choose, the sweet little ones they bring into the world, foster or adopt. All the new places life can take us is exciting and having the people we love around us while we do it makes it that much more so.

The past few weeks in North Carolina I had the pleasure of catching up with several of my favorite families and a few new ones. So I thought it'd be fun to blog them all at once to show how many different ways you can celebrate new life, growth and adventures. 

It started with Karla and sweet little Khloe. We met at Jetton Park in Cornelius, NC and had so much fun dolling her up in beautiful pink tulle and surrounding her in flowers and love. Karla's beautiful momma came along as well to help in all the ways mommas help...with all their love and support, no matter what we're doing. Little Khloe is going to be surrounded by love her whole life long. Can't wait to see her again in just a few more weeks!

Mother with 3 month old

Next up is technically a senior session for Joey. He had me stepping out of my comfort zone like crazy as he skated across the ice. I knew I'd be shooting him in the Factory Ice Rink in Wake Forest, NC, but it didn't occur to me until I walked into the building, in dress and heels, that I'd actually need to walk out onto the ice to get the shots. Oops! He was a rockstar though. (not to mention the soccer and golf shots we took later, he's and all round athlete and quite possibly the kindest and most sincere teenager I've ever met. 

By his side the entire shoot, was of course, his beautiful mother Lisa. She made sure he had all his equipment and got all the shots he was hoping for. (Certainly something she did tirelessly through the years as he grew up as well) The rest of the family joined at at Joyner Park afterward and we made sure to capture photos of everyone. It was also awesome to catch up with Amelia and her Furman adventures, it seems like her senior session was just yesterday, and now she's off to make her impact on the world.

Wake Field Senior Photos

Back in Charlotte, Brentlee and I were crossing our fingers hoping little Brayer would make his appearance  before I left and sure enough she and John welcomed little Brayer into the world just in time! The most anticipated part of the morning was introducing him to his new big sister Hamptyn. She was so excited to meet him...until he actually showed up. She became so shy we didn't know what else to do but just giggle. She eventually came around though and immediately started fulfilling her big sister responsibilities, helping to change his outfit and shower him with kisses. Little Brayer was actually hiding in momma's tummy just a few months ago as we took family portraits in the most magical forest I've ever laid eyes on, Hamptyn was excited even then, I know they are going to make a great team, I can't wait to see them again at the end of summer!

Charlotte Hospital photography Session

I technically already posted of blog of Connie's family here, but I couldn't resist mentioning the session again, as her entire family came together for the week at a lake house in Mooresville, NC to celebrate her birthday and all she'd done for them through the years. It was so special. 

60th birthday party

At Coker Arboretum in Chapel Hill, NC I got to catch up with the Jakub family. Anna had just turned 14 and it was time for new family portraits. Having just captured her incredible Bat Mitzvah celebration last year I couldn't wait to hear all the year had brought for her. And next up for them is a trip to Israel to explore and learn about their rich heritage. Beth's momma came along as well and we were able to capture a few generational portraits for them. I loved seeing the similarities in features in them all. 

generational photos

Last, but certainly not least, the Ross family met me at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh to capture Amber's sweet baby bump and play around with big sis Hazel Grace. I can't believe she's already running around so freely, it seems like just last week we were celebrating her first birthday with a cake smash! Cannot wait to meet little Hudson on my next visit!! 

Maternity photos with 2 year old

I'm so grateful to all these wonderful families for trusting me with their memories. This is such an incredible life, I love every single new story and every single bear hug. Can't wait to see you all again soon!

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